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How Does Your Fear of Speaking in Public Stop You?

Do you hesitate before speaking up in meetings?
Do you get stressed at Q & As and Interviews?
Do you pass up opportunities to deliver presentations?

Do you feel your colleagues are receiving all the recognition?

Do you experience public speaking anxiety days before you speak in public?
Do you need to increase your public speaking confidence & eliminate all speech anxiety?

Losing Your Public Speaking Anxiety

Confidence and Clarity

Confidently create and deliver presentations and speeches that impress and connect with your audience.

Master Meeting Q & As and Interviews

Confidently answer questions, even those that are tricky, deliberately difficult or require tact.

Speaking Self-Confidence

Confidently contribute to meeting discussions, sharing your suggestions or opinions.

Receive Recognition

Receive acknowledgment and appreciation from your management team for the work you do.

Speaking in Public Training

We know what it feels like to lose out on promotions and career opportunities because of a fear of speaking in public.

This experience has made us determined to ensure you achieve success in your career by eliminating all public speaking anxiety.

Professionals across a multitude of industries have benefited from our presentation skills training courses and experience. As you now can!

All you need is some speech coaching, support and practice to eliminate all of your public speaking anxiety.

It will amaze you how fast you improve.

We Work With Clients From

3 Simple Steps to Successfully Remove Your Public Speaking Anxiety

Step 1

Join a Session

Join a session where you will pick up practical public speaking knowledge as you experience how the training works

Step 2

Create a Plan

Let us create your personal public speaking success plan, detailing what you will achieve with our speech coaching

Step 3

Achieve Results

You will receive immediate results in both your presentation skills and confidence with each speaking class

What Our Clients Are Saying

This is exactly what you need if you want to begin your journey as a public speaker and grow your confidence.

Gvidas Venckaitis

The academy transformed my life! Developing my speaking skills and building my confidence. Highly recommended!

Liudmila Tsyrenzhapova

When I speak in front of people, I can handle it better now using all I learned from the Academy of Public Speakers.

Yuko Suzuki

The Academy of Public Speakers is THE place to go to if you want to overcome that fear of public speaking!

Malcolm Heartman

The coach was very friendly with a really good teaching manner.

I managed to overcome my fear of public speaking.

Teresa Martin

Great speaking club and place to improve speaking skills + confidence.

Hosts are friendly, thoughtful.

Ahmad Benguesmia

Meet Your Public Speaking Coaches

Andy O'Sullivan

Andy O'Sullivan is an International Best-Selling Author of 5 Books on Public Speaking, Award Winning Mentor and Keynote Speaker

As a shy introvert, Andy always struggled to get his voice heard in his career. He battled to speak in company meetings and did his best to avoid the anxiety that came with making a presentation.

This led to Andy finding his career opportunities were severely restricted, while those of his more confident, but less experienced colleagues flourished.

Frustrated at continually seeing his newer, less qualified colleagues succeeding because of his fear of speaking in public, Andy started his journey to remove all of his speech anxiety.

Today, Andy is one of the country's leading public speaking coaches, working with clients across the world. Andy's public speaking lessons ensure each person quickly removes their fear of speaking in public and all of their speech anxiety. Allowing them to actively take part in meetings, deliver presentations and get success in their careers.

To ensure your public speaking confidence, you will also be supported by the public speaking coach Brian Guo

Brian Guo is a multi-award winning speaker, national speech contest finalist, and in-demand speaking coach

When Brian arrived in London from China, he could never have imagined all the public speaking success he would achieve. Brian's poor grasp of English and phobia of public speaking resulted in him being shy and quiet.

As Brian took public speaking lessons and worked to lose his public speaking anxiety, he soon saw how his newly found confidence transferred to his career with all the success he rapidly achieved. Brian was swiftly promoted into leadership positions, gaining experience in a variety of positions, including researcher, data analyst, project manager and consultant.

The success Brian achieved in his career by being able to contribute in meetings and confidently delivering presentations, led him to work with other professionals who experienced glossophobia or a fear of public speaking.

Brian is now in-demand as a leading presentation coach and mentor working with non-native English speakers overcoming their fear of public speaking.

Brian Guo

Our Philosophy

The one thing that we already know about you is that you are an ambitious professional, keen to achieve success in your career.

You have realised how public speaking confidence is key to attaining this success, as you share your suggestions in both online or in person meetings and deliver presentations.

The big obstacle you currently face when having to speak in public is your speech anxiety. Your lack of public speaking confidence leads you to feel all of those symptoms we associate with nervous public speaking.

A pounding heart, sweaty palms, dry throat... yes, we've experienced them all.

The result?

Your speech anxiety and missing public speaking confidence naturally leads you to avoid opportunities to speak up in meetings or deliver presentations.

You feel frustrated and stuck.

We are here to help you!

We Feel Your Public Speaking Pain

We know how difficult it is, feeling nervous about public speaking, missing out on the rewards and recognition you have earned, while seeing your more confident, less experienced colleagues, receiving all the success.

We understand the anguish of not being able to reach your full potential because of your public speaking anxiety.

We also recognise how gratifying it is to leave your fear of speaking in public behind you.

We believe that no one needs to have their potential restricted by their fear of speaking in public.

That's why we created the Academy of Public Speakers.

Get Success With Our Presentation Skills Training Courses

The fastest approach to conquering a fear of public speaking is speech coaching with a leading presentation coach, along with a friendly, encouraging audience, where you will receive guidance and support.

The more frequently you attend the speaking class, the faster your public speaking anxiety will disappear as your confidence grows.

Utilising our experience that spans decades as public speaking coaches, you will see how our speaking in public training is enjoyable, exciting and highly effective.

With the guidance of the public speaking coaches, during each speech training session, we will provide you with many opportunities to overcome and lose your public speaking anxiety. The speech coaching will be supported by all the other supportive and very friendly members.

Our time-tested public speaking lessons will guarantee you will soon overcome your fear of public speaking, as you amaze your colleagues with your fearless presentations.

Proven Path

Ready to now start getting your public speaking confidence?

Step 1 - Book a Free Trial Session

Come along to experience our speech training for yourself. You will see the specific components of the speaking class and how each one will help you. There is no requirement to speak and nothing to prepare before you join the speech training.

Step 2 - Schedule a Call

When you chat with our presentation coaches, they will structure a personal presentation performance plan that will guarantee you will reach each of your personal aspirations.

Step 3 - Start Attending

Come along, implement your personal presentation performance plan and rapidly see the results you achieve.

Book a session now, so you too can stop being held back by your speech anxiety

Achieve The Career Success You Deserve By Overcoming All Fear of Public Speaking

With The Academy of Public Speakers.

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